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Mother of G.H.

“We came to DVT after years of vision issues, eye turning, and difficulty in the classroom. We were nervous about the time, energy, and financial commitment involved. yes… the time, energy, and finances involved were a burden, but we are SO HAPPY with the results. Our child has made HUGE progress. The investment was well […]

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Mother of C.C.

“My son has improved leaps and bounds in his reading and fluency. It has given him the opportunity to see all the best potential his eyes will allow. Without Vision therapy and Dr. Dudley working with C, he would be struggling throughout his entire life with reading and comprehension. I want to thank them from

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Mother of G.G.

“G was a reluctant and uncomfortable reader. Her eyes tired quickly when reading and she often complained that the font was too small (unfortunately I thought she was being lazy rather than struggling with her vision). After thorough testing and a very comprehensive assessment, G began weekly vision therapy sessions. After 20 sessions and some

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G.G. – Age 12

“I started out not likeing to read because I didn’t like reading small print. After vision therapy I started to like reading a lot more. All the things we did at vision therapy were all fun things. Now I like to read.”

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Parent of B.T. – Age 7

“When B. began working with Dr. Dudley and her team as a four year old, he had problems with eye teaming, tracking, and focusing. The Denver Vision Therapy staff was warm and caring, and they helped to put B. at ease. Their therapy program addressed each of these issues with exercises that were age appropriate

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G. R. – Age 14

“Before vision therapy, I hated reading because I couldn’t read fast, it would make me tired and I couldn’t comprehend well at all. Homework would take hours because my eyes would be tired and couldn’t function very well. After vision therapy, I can read over twice as fast, so I can read much faster and

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Mother of B.T. – Age 5

“My son (who was 5 at the time) was struggling to grip a pencil correctly, He’d been working with OT at his school for a year and a half with NO progress. They suggested I come here, where we learned mu son had significant vision issues as well as a delayed infant reflex. I’d never heard

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