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What we do

Vision skills can cause difficulty with reading, learning, and sports - even with 20/20 vision!

The presence of an eye turn or an eye that doesn’t see as well can impact more than just visual acuity.

We customize our approach for patients with all types of developmental and neurological differences.

Any illness or injury that affects the brain may benefit from neuro-optometric care.

There are many treatments that can help reduce the progression of myopia (near-sighted vision).

Vision problems can often present with symptoms that are similar to dyslexia or ADHD.

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"After a car accident I began to experience nausea, dizziness and a sense of disorientation that affected the routine daily activities that I took for granted. Grocery shopping, cleaning house and even getting around became overwhelming. With vision therapy work I’ve made steady gains and am now perform routine tasks without the apprehension and exhaustion I previously experienced. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people that helped me through this process."

"Before vision therapy, I hated reading because I couldn’t read fast, it would make me tired and I couldn’t comprehend well at all. Homework would take hours because my eyes would be tired and couldn’t function very well. After vision therapy, I can read over twice as fast, so I can read much faster and understand the story much better. School is way less stressful and has become way more enjoyable."

"When my daughter M. started DVT in 5th grade in Dec 2017, her lazy eye was very noticeable (especially if she was tired) and it affected her reading big time. At a time in elementary school when reading comprehension was so important amongst her peers, M. struggled. After a year of DVT, M. has used all of the techniques she learned through fun weekly activities to improve her reading skills and better yet, control her lazy eye. She enjoys reading now and has improved her comprehension skills dramatically by learning life-long skills. THANK YOU DVT!"