Parent of B.T. – Age 7

“When B. began working with Dr. Dudley and her team as a four year old, he had problems with eye teaming, tracking, and focusing. The Denver Vision Therapy staff was warm and caring, and they helped to put B. at ease. Their therapy program addressed each of these issues with exercises that were age appropriate and challenging, but not overwhelming.

We began to see improvements very quickly. An early and very noticeable change was his increase self-confidence when playing on the jungle gym at the park. His improving vision encouraged him to try and helped him to succeed in crossing balance beams, using taller slides, and climbing more challenging ladders, with which he had previously been uncomfortable. As a result, he also benefited from improved coordination and increase strength.

As his vision continued to improve, so did his hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. B. advanced from hitting a plastic baseball on a T-ball stand, to hitting one that was pitched to him underhand. He enjoys playing catch now with balls of all shapes and sizes, exhibits extremely good ball control when he is playing soccer, has fun with Frisbee, and likes to shoot baskets.

Therapy exercises have also helped B.’s fine motor skills, such as using the pincer grip, cutting with scissors, printing letters, and drawing geometric shapes. He has gotten to be quite good at pattern recognition and can now quickly alternate his focus between objects near at hand and others farther away. B. has been enjoying art projects more as his proficiency in these areas has improved.

We believe B has also benefited socially from his therapy program. As he has become more sure of himself and his abilities, he is finding it easier to interact with other kids in a classroom setting, He has just completed a very successful first semester in kindergarten, and we thins this is due in large part to the help he received at Denver Vision Therapy! Thank you Dr. Dudley, Mia, Chelsea, and the rest of the DVT staff for helping B. grow and blossom as successfully as he has!”

Parent of B.T. - Age 7