Remote Vision Therapy

Remote vision therapy is an excellent choice for those who cannot come into the office for regular weekly sessions, but still want to get the benefits of a vision therapy program. We have seen tremendous success with remote vision therapy, which has enabled us to help patients from all areas of Colorado, and even those out of state. We still require patients to come in every few months for a vision therapy progress evaluation with the doctor, which cannot be done remotely. Most patients are good candidates for remote vision therapy, however some are not (highly complex cases, children 5 years old or younger, etc.)

Starting Remote Vision Therapy

Our vision therapists and the doctor will work together to design a customized vision therapy program for each patient. The vision therapy equipment can be mailed to the patient’s address. However, if the patient is able to attend the first session in person that is a great option to pick up the equipment and meet their vision therapist. For many patients (kids especially), this helps develop a strong relationship with their vision therapist from the start.

Requirements to participate in Remote Vision Therapy

A computer with a webcam and active microphone (phone may work if resolution is adequate).
Stable internet connection with Chrome or Firefox browser.
For patients under 14 years old, an adult must be present as our ‘boots on the ground’ to help with activities or make observations. Other patients may find it beneficial to have another set of hands nearby.
Credit card on file for billing purposes.

Hybrid Remote Vision Therapy

If you are able to come into the office every other week (for patients who live across town or have difficulty finding weekly transportation to appointments), this option is a great solution. One week you will have an in-office vision therapy session, and the next week will be a remote session, and the schedule continues in this pattern. With this approach, you get the benefit of the dynamic in-office activities while creating a schedule that is convenient.

DO’s and DON’Ts with Remote VT

DO be ready to communicate about what you are experiencing. Be verbal about how the activity feels for you, what you notice, etc.
DO find a quiet room with no distractions (no children playing, no TV on, etc).
DO be prepared with all the necessary materials before your session starts.
DO your home activities daily to build and reinforce your visual skills.
DON’T step away from your session for longer than a minute. This time is reserved for you, just like your in-office session.
DON’T let your child do vision therapy without you being there to support and guide them.