Sensitivity to Motion

When we think about walking down a grocery store aisle, even if our eyes are aimed straight ahead, there is a lot of motion in our vision as the items move past us. When a neurological condition affects the processing of this information (after concussion, whiplash injury, or other neurological process) then patients can experience debilitating symptoms from movement around them. This makes it very difficult to be in a crowd, at a big store with overhead lights, or participate in hobbies. Reading and driving can also be impacted and even impossible.

Often, repeating patterns can give the sense of motion, and can trigger symptoms.

Fortunately, our neuro-optometrists have several tools to help with this condition, including color light therapy, glasses, sectoral occlusion, and neuro-optometric rehabilitation. Often, we can provide treatments that help quickly with your symptoms. Contact Denver Vision Therapy for more information and to schedule a functional vision evaluation.

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