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Parents of I.B.

When we learned that I.B. had amblyopia we were shocked! He didn’t have any of the tell-tale signs and had great eye-hand coordination and handwriting. Once we learned more about his diagnosis, we could see where he was struggling. DVT was able to customize his therapy to improve the way his eyes and brain worked […]

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Parent of L.L.

My daughter started vision therapy at the beginning of her 1st grade year. She complained about often seeing double and you could tell both of her eyes weren’t focusing on the same thing. Through vision therapy my daughter was able to strengthen her eye muscles and brain. My daughters vision significantly improved. She’s now able

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I didn’t want to go at first but as I got used to it everyone was so nice here. Ms. Emily and Ms. Kristina were both very nice to me and a lot of the activities are fun. My vision has improved a lot. Thank you vision therapy for teaching my eyes how to focus,

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When I first started vision therapy I was really scared, I had hardly any confidence and was unsure of so many things. A lot of my fear went away after a couple of sessions with Michelle. She is amazing. She made sure I was always safe and comfortable. The whole office was always so welcoming

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Parent of K.M.

“Vision therapy helped improve my son’s hand eye coordination and body awareness. The exercises were more focused on brain development than I anticipated. He has less trouble with math problems presented in columns and generally seems more confident in his capabilities.”

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K.M. – Age 9

“Vision therapy helpd me get better vision and vision therapy some times helps with memorey. When I started vision therapy and when i graduated my visoin was way better.”

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J.R. – Age 56

“After a car accident I began to experience nausea, dizziness and a sense of disorientation that affected the routine daily activities that I took for granted. Grocery shopping, cleaning house and even getting around became overwhelming. With vision therapy work I’ve made steady gains and am now perform routine tasks without the apprehension and exhaustion

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S.B. – Age 9

“I have been going to vision pt for 35 weeks. Before I went to pt I got glasses I had really bad aching headaches. I had a hard time reading. It made my head hurt and I couldn’t focus. Now I don’t have headaches and reading is easier. Lori and Dr. Dudley have helped me

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F.B. – Age 10

“It was difficult to read before. I skipped words and lines and got very tired reading. I am able to read for longer and rarely skip words or lines. My eyes work better together. I can read faster and smoother. I can see better up closer and smaller words. – FB”

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E.N. – Age 36

“Before vision therapy, I saw several other eye doctors and they didn’t know how to help me. I was scared to drive, go to the store alone, or sometimes even leave the house because of dizziness and headaches. Dr. Dudley has identified several ways to help in addition to the 30 weeks of vision therapy.

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