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Parent of O & S- Ages 12 & 11

“We have two boys. We started going to Dr. Dudley and her team for my older son with learning differences and special needs. He went to her for about a year. The growth and differences during therapy were significant. Every child is different but he grew so much. He also grew at school in math, and more than anyone could of imagined. His stamina in reading increased in the length of time he read. The sessions with Dr. Dudley were so insightful to learn how his eyes worked with his mind. The team she had were knowledgeable and very good with our boy. The homework was a lot but we committed to fit it into our day. It also gave him ownership that he was the one changing and growing his mind.

Our other son who is on the gifted side, started seeing Dr. Dudley. He started due to struggling in reading. He always got tired after reading for a short time. After a few sessions in vision therapy his stamina grew. His skills he was gifted in also continued to increase. This was incredible to watch. He only saw Dr. Dudley for a few months, six if I remember correct. This was short compared to our older boy. Bit the increase in his skills we saw were impressive. It also told us she really does look at the individual for what their needs are.

It was great to have two different learners whose skill levels increased significantly during their time at Denver Vision Therapy. We still go back for annual check in’s and they have not declined at all.

I would recommend Dr. Dudley and her team to anyone searching to find insight to their eyes and mind and how they work together.

We are thankful for our time at Denver Vision Therapy. Thankful for how much both our boys grew.”


Parent of O & S- Ages 12 & 11