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We are an optometric office specializing in vision therapy and rehabilitation for children and adults with binocular and functional vision problems. We offer a number of optometric services including initial vision therapy evaluations, routine eye exams for glasses, and optometric vision therapy sessions. Dr. Dudley specializes in pediatric and infant patients as well as patients with special needs, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, strabismus, and amblyopia. Dr. Dudley also has extensive experience working with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), stroke, and post-concussion vision problems. Fortunately, vision therapy helps to improve these vision problems and can make an incredible difference for a person, similar to a college education, opening the doors of opportunity.

Vision problems affect life in ways that you may not realize. Our eyes have several functional skills that we often take for granted. Problems in these areas are not detected by a vision screening at school or at the pediatrician’s office. These problems often look like learning problems to a teacher or parent, but are in fact quite often treatable vision problems. Symptoms of a vision problem may include slow reading, losing place while reading, avoidance of reading, poor comprehension, attention problems, and behavior problems. Check out our Vision Symptom Checklist for your child or for yourself to see if vision therapy is the right fit.

Several research studies support the effectiveness of vision therapy for treatment of visual disorders. Read some of our patients’ testimonials, or watch a video testimonial on how vision therapy changes lives.

Denver Vision Therapy Blog

When Vision Affects Learning

February 2, 2018

Here is a well-written article from a mother and special education teacher, with a son who needed and went through vision therapy as a child. This is a great reference for anyone with questions about vision therapy, for parents of kiddos struggling with school/other life activities, or for home researchers looking to share a resource with acquaintances.… Read More »

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Fee Changes

January 26, 2018

We want to continue to offer you the highest quality one-on-one care.  In order to keep up with the increasing costs of business here in Denver, we will be updating our fees for some of our services. Pre-Pay for unit of 10 sessions: $1,200 (120 per session) The fees for per-session (pay as you go) vision… Read More »

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