Eye Tracking Problems

Eye tracking is a skill that we use every day for basic vision, sports, and most importantly, to READ. As you read these words, your eyes have to stop on each word as you take in the information, then jump to the next word and stop again. This is an amazing skill that requires pinpoint accuracy! Our eye tracking system is designed to work with perfect accuracy and speed, so that we can do the following:

Problems with eye tracking can create many different symptoms including:

Vision therapy for tracking problems has a very good success rate! Training activities are geared toward helping the eyes to move more rapidly, with better control and accuracy.

Connection between Eye Tracking and Motor Coordination

Eye Tracking can be thought of as a super-fine motor skill. If overall motor coordination skills are not well developed, it is likely that fine motor (handwriting) and eye tracking skills will be poor as well. One approach to training the eye tracking system includes training the overall motor coordination system, because motor development is the foundation for vision development!

UNDIAGNOSED problems in tracking may lead to labels such as ADHD, learning disabled, or even “lazy”. Fortunately, tracking problems can be treated with VISION THERAPY!!!

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