Eye Teaming Problems

Our eyes work together as a team to give us one image (instead of two) and depth perception, or 3D vision. Eye teaming refers to the ability to use both eyes together smoothly, equally, simultaneously and accurately in order to keep objects single. If our eyes are pointed in different places in space, we see double!! Double vision is VERY disruptive, and makes reading, learning, athletics and daily life extremely difficult.

Try reading the paragraph below and actually comprehending what you are reading, it is quite difficult, because the text is doubled

double vision

This example shows what our eyes do every day to keep the world single. When we look in the distance, they aim straight ahead, or parallel. When we look up close, they turn in enough so they are both pointing at the same place.

The eye teaming system can develop a number of problems: Turning in too much, not turning in enough, or just general poor coordination. These conditions can decrease depth perception, lead to avoidance of near work and cause a number of symptoms:

All of these symptoms decrease learning and reading ability!!!

UNDIAGNOSED problems in vergence may lead to labels such as ADHD, learning disabled, or even “lazy”. Fortunately, eye teaming problems can be treated with VISION THERAPY!

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