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“Vision therapy has helped me with my reading a lot. My math scores went up, and it’s great not seeing double any more. After all the months of hard work it has really paid off. Thank you for helping my vision.”

Parent of SK

“Vision therapy has proven to be a huge success for our daughter. Her English score went for a 77% up to a 95% in one trimester. Her Reading went from an 88% to a 99% and Math went from 80% to 90%. Not only did her scores improve numerically, but more importantly her confidence as a growing learning child exploded. Over all the entire experience was incredible, and we highly recommend vision therapy with Dr. Dudley to any parent wanting to maximize their child’s learning potential.”


“Thank you for helping me with my eyes! I really liked playing Blink!”


“I’ll OWLways remember HOOOO improved my vision!”


“I liked that it helped my eyes and my reading, it was grate. Even no some of the exercises I didn’t like I still participated in. I really liked all the teachers Lori, Nikki, Kayla, Dr. Dudley, everyone.”


“I liked about vision therapy was the nice teachers and fun and crazy eye exercises and how much fun me and Mrs. Nikki had together playing fun games, wearing goofy glasses, using patches, and getting to try on flippers.”

Parent of AY & OY

“I brought my son, AG, to Dr. Dudley after I noticed his interest in reading declined after 1st grade. I also noticed that he was skipping words and reading slowly. We began vision therapy. After a while, I notices his tracking improved. His reading continued to improve. His fluency improved as was evident by his school test scores. Most importantly, his confidence and love of reading emerged. He loves to read books on his own now. We are thrilled with the improvement and are so happy we took the time and effort for vision therapy.” – KY


“I had a problem with my right eye. Vision therapy really helped especially with reading. Thanks.”

Parent of CW

“CW was so well taken care of by Dr. Dudley and Kayla. They appreciated his specialness and found the best exercises and games that we could get behind and help him with. His confidence improved and he felt so proud with every improvement he made. Thanks for everything!” – SW

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