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Last year I blinked a lot and I had a hard time reading. I didn’t like to read books. Vision therapy made my eyes easier to focus. Now I love books and love to read. It made me be able to read more.


“Eye vision has changed my life. It has helped with reading and writing. I am now at 4th grade reading. Thank you for helping with my eye when I was in second grade. They said I was at grade level. Thank you so much.”

Parents of LF

“LF has come so far with her reading. In first grade her teacher noticed that she had reading problems and she wasn’t at grade level. We did everything to help her out. She did private tutoring, Kumon, extra help at home and started on an IEP at school. We did everything. Vision therapy was the next step because she was still behind. She’s in 4th grade now are her reading is at the beginning of 4th grade. She has come so far. I feel vision therapy has helped her not only in reading but her confidence. Thanks!”


“I love to read!!!”

Parent of CS

“My son was in second grade when we started vision therapy; his teacher thought we should get his vision tested. Needless to say he hated reading at the beginning of therapy. After about 20 visits of vision therapy his love for reading kicked in since he could now see things properly. My son now reads for 30-45 minutes per day without his mother nagging him to do it. He enjoys reading now and has the confidence I’ve always hoped he would. Dr. Dudley was great and I thank her for all the work she did with my son. He is also reading slightly above his grade level!!! At the beginning of vision therapy he was well below where he needed to be.”


“Eye therapy helped me become more confident in my reading. Nikki was very fun and helpful. It was hard work but it was worth it!”


“I wish I had known about vision therapy when I first started experiencing double vision. I have made great strides, but I think it would have been so much easier to make progress if I had not lived with it being compensated for by glasses for a few years. I am so glad to be working with Nikki and Dr. Dudley to improve my vision and stop the downward spiral.”

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