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“Going to vision therapy changed my life by improving my brain function and eye function. Vision therapy has made learning and seeing ten times easier for me. I am more confident in terms of seeing, learning, and dealing with everyday life. Since I started vision therapy I noticed I have passed academic tests better and my understanding of math, science, and language arts is much easier. I ace the tests.”

Parent of RW:

“My daughter had a hard time focusing at school and her grades were falling because of that. We brought her into Dr. Dudley and did some testing. She’s worked with Nikki for about 6 months. She started out not seeing anything in her right eye. She can now see out of both eyes. She is driving, getting good grades, and is more focused in life. Vision therapy has really improved her quality of life. Good job!”


“N can read without skipping lines and words. She doesn’t need her glasses to read. This year was the first time she didn’t need to go to Assessment Day to measure her reading level or go to Spring Parent Teacher Conferences. She was always borderline in the past. She is considering taking piano lessons again. I expect that her reading music will be less frustrating than it was before, and she will progress more quickly. N has more confidence.”


“Every time I used to look somewhere it was double at first. Then my mom and dad took me to vision therapy. We took many vision lessons and some were really annoying and not fun, but after 20 sessions the lessons paid off. Now when I look at something, I don’t see double. I learned that sometimes when my eyes are tires I see double and my vision is blurry. My eyes are saying to me, “Ahhh, I need to go to sleep.” But when my eyes are rested I don’t see double. Once in a while I see double still. Thanks to Dr. Dudley and Nikki.”


“When I first came to vision therapy I was seeing double and I had blurred vision. Now I can see single and my vision is not blurry anymore. Now in baseball I can see the ball so I can hit better. I can see the blackboard better and I can take notes.”


“My eyes don’t hurt. I don’t have to shut one eye then the other.”

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