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“I think my tracking is better.  Now I like reading.”

Parent of M

“Vision therapy has greatly helped my daughter, M.  We noticed from a young age that she would skip words or whole lines while reading and had trouble staying focused.  After vision therapy her eye tracking, focusing and eye teaming are greatly improved.  In 30 weeks she went from reading 97 words per minute up to 176 words per minute and a reading efficiency from grade 1 level to grade 5 level.”


“Before I came to vision therepy I noticed that I was strugguling with reading/writing and motion sickness.  During my time here I did a series of excersises that helped me get over my motion sickness and get better at writing and, reading.  I have learned that this treatment helps with all sorts of problems.  Thank you Denver Vision Therapy.”


“I really like to read.”

Parent of W

“When we started Vision Therapy, he was a good reader but hated reading.  He would struggle through even one page of what should have been easy.  He blinked a lot, rubbed his eyes, kept getting up “for a drink” and any number of delay tactics, especially at night.  Now he loves reading.  He reads for fun, even in the car without getting headaches or stomach aches.  He can write numbers in columns for math, which he could not do even on graph paper before.  He also will write now, though he has yet to love writing.  He can put spaces between words and stay on the lines of the paper.


“eye therapy has bin fun  it has helped me a lot because now the wrds are not floteing uraunt and I cane rede much beter and I love eye therapy.  it has bin hard thes 30 weeks and I thake you ever boty.”

Parent of P

“My son was starting to give up on reading when we first came to Denver  Vision Therapy.  The words were floating on the paper and he was forgetting his sight words.  This would cause disruption in the class because he would try and make a distraction so he didn’t have to try and read the words on the paper.  Teachers suggested getting him tested for ADHD, but I had a feeling something else was going on.  When he was first tested he had almost given up using his left eye.  Now, 30 weeks later, he has almost caught up to grade level on reading and behavior is getting better in the classroom.  He loves to read now and writes many books.”

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