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“My hand wrighting got alot better and I read alot more and cry alot less.”

Parent of S

“S used to avoid reading on his homework and would often cry at home and at school.  He is now an enthusiastic reader and finishes his homework quickly and independently.  All of this has resulted in him feeling much more positively about school, and overall he is a much happier kid.  We are thrilled with the progress he made as a result of his therapy.”


“Prior to vision therapy I felt my double vision getting worse every year.  Multiple optometrists dismissed my symptoms.  When I finally found vision therapy I felt as if I finally found people who understood my vision problem.  With vision therapy I was able to make significant gains in reducing my double vision.  It is a valuable tool and I plan on continuing vision therapy to see how much more my vision can improve.  I wish I would have found Denver Vision Therapy much sooner.”


“VT is fun!

VT helped a lot.

it helped me see words in a row.

My VT therapist is nice!

Here name is Niki.

The eye doctor is nice too.

Her name is Dr. Dudley.

VT helped me focus better.

Now I can see a lot better.

I went to VT 2014-2015.

I wish I could do it again.

At the end I went out for Ice Cream with Niki.

I made a new frend!

Her name is Janet. ”

Parent of S

“Vision Therapy really helped S learn to read.  It also helped her with her confidence and abilities in other areas.  Once she was able to track, she no longer wiggled in her seat as much at school.  Now she is able to read on her own and comprehend books without a lot of direction.  Vision Therapy also incorporated the sensorimotor and retained reflexes that impact and affect vision.  We are happy to have done this wish S and see the great possibilities with her schooling and future education.”

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