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“I’m a better reader because of vision therapy. I got better in soccer because of vision therapy. I used to not be able to sit in my chair.”


“Vision therapy helped me with my reading and my writing. I also made it so that I can see farther than I was able to see before. I t also helped me so that I do not have to bend down but I am able to sit up instead of my face an inch off the ground.”

Parent of EG & LG

“My children EG & LG were both helped a great deal by VT. Data shows growth in both kids, which is important. I can see huge changes in each as well…..They both love to read and write, that is the most important of all! They have worked so hard at WT, even when we were tired of doing it! For that I credit both kids for having positive attitudes, and Nikki for guiding us through each week for the last 30+ weeks! Thank you Dr. Dudley, Nikki and team for helping my kids see and read better and thanks for helping me with tools to continue to support their growth.” – MG


“I have got so much better through the year. I like therapy, it is fun. I got better reading, now it fun to read. Writing is better too.”

Parent of KM

“Before KM started eye therapy, she struggled in all areas of academics. She hated reading, flipped her letters, sometimes whole words. She refused to study and fought to begin homework. Since then and after starting eye therapy, her academic world has changed. She gets 100% on most spelling tests, gained the confidence she needed to begin reading…quickly moving up to grade level, and rarely reorders letters. Her teachers have commented many times about how much has changed for her since the beginning of the year. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to help her through vision therapy.” – NM


“Before vision therapy I never read any stories, books, or anything. When I came to therapy, Kayla helped me calibrate my eyes to work as a team instead of individually. Now I read every day without fail. I cannot thank Kayla and Vision Therapy more for allowing this to come true.”


“Before I started, my eyes looked like they were peeled right off a goofy monster from the 80’s, or my head was hit by a baseball bat. I have to say, I WAS A WRECK! It really all started when my eyes started to get irritated, and being the concerned parents my mom and dad were, we had to get it checked out. Well long story short, we went to doctors and one of them sent us to vision therapy. And even LONGER story short, we went and we started. And now I could tell you about the seven and some months I spent here. But I honestly don’t have words. But now I have eyes, and I think that is all that I need to say.”

Parent of BC

“My Son BC was experiencing frustration with reading, writing, playing the piano and drawing- all things he had previously enjoyed. When we came to Dr. Dudley, we were very hopeful that she could help us in even the smallest amount. 8 months later, the difference in BC’s vision is staggering! He is enjoying all of the activities he did before, and has found a deeper sense of confidence in his abilities. The Denver Vision Therapy clinic is a CLASS ACT! They understand kids and families, and do everything in their power to ensure success. A special thanks to Nikki, B’s Vision Therapist!!!”


“When I came to eye Therapy I had double vision so I came here. I also got glasses. My two favorite teachers were Kayla and Dr. Dudley. They both helped me. I had a great! time but sometimes it was hard! Now I don’t need glasses or double vision.”

Parent of KG

“My daughter had double vision before she started vision therapy. It was frustrating for her to read. Also learning to read was very hard for her. Now she is an excellent reader and enjoys reading in her spare time. I’m really happy we found Denver Vision Therapy. Eye doctors would tell us there was nothing wrong but as a parent I knew there was. Vision Therapy helped my daughter so much. I recommend Denver Vision to everyone who talks about their children not reading well. Thank you so very much Dr. Dudley and Kayla!”


I sucked at stuff then I got better! Thanks VT!


Parent of CW


I had heard about Dr. Dudley through a friend whose daughters went through the vision therapy program. My son had struggled for years to focus and stay on-task. He also had difficulty reading and going from the board to writing notes on paper. He is now able to breeze through homework and stay on-task. What used to take him hours to complete (or to just begin), he is now able to do in a timely manner. Thanks so much for all your help! We appreciate it!

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