At the end of their vision therapy program, each patient and parent has an opportunity to tell their story. Everyone that we have treated in vision therapy has made amazing improvements. We love to see the great strides that our patients make in vision therapy!

Parents of I.B.

When we learned that I.B. had amblyopia we were shocked! He didn’t have any of the tell-tale signs and had great eye-hand coordination and handwriting. Once we learned more about his diagnosis, we could see where he was struggling. DVT was able to customize his therapy to improve the way his eyes and brain worked… Read More »

Parent of L.L.

My daughter started vision therapy at the beginning of her 1st grade year. She complained about often seeing double and you could tell both of her eyes weren’t focusing on the same thing. Through vision therapy my daughter was able to strengthen her eye muscles and brain. My daughters vision significantly improved. She’s now able… Read More »


I didn’t want to go at first but as I got used to it everyone was so nice here. Ms. Emily and Ms. Kristina were both very nice to me and a lot of the activities are fun. My vision has improved a lot. Thank you vision therapy for teaching my eyes how to focus,… Read More »


When I first started vision therapy I was really scared, I had hardly any confidence and was unsure of so many things. A lot of my fear went away after a couple of sessions with Michelle. She is amazing. She made sure I was always safe and comfortable. The whole office was always so welcoming… Read More »

Parent of K.M.

“Vision therapy helped improve my son’s hand eye coordination and body awareness. The exercises were more focused on brain development than I anticipated. He has less trouble with math problems presented in columns and generally seems more confident in his capabilities.”

K.M. – Age 9

“Vision therapy helpd me get better vision and vision therapy some times helps with memorey. When I started vision therapy and when i graduated my visoin was way better.”            

J.R. – Age 56

“After a car accident I began to experience nausea, dizziness and a sense of disorientation that affected the routine daily activities that I took for granted. Grocery shopping, cleaning house and even getting around became overwhelming. With vision therapy work I’ve made steady gains and am now perform routine tasks without the apprehension and exhaustion… Read More »

S.B. – Age 9

“I have been going to vision pt for 35 weeks. Before I went to pt I got glasses I had really bad aching headaches. I had a hard time reading. It made my head hurt and I couldn’t focus. Now I don’t have headaches and reading is easier. Lori and Dr. Dudley have helped me… Read More »

F.B. – Age 10

“It was difficult to read before. I skipped words and lines and got very tired reading. I am able to read for longer and rarely skip words or lines. My eyes work better together. I can read faster and smoother. I can see better up closer and smaller words. – FB”

E.N. – Age 36

“Before vision therapy, I saw several other eye doctors and they didn’t know how to help me. I was scared to drive, go to the store alone, or sometimes even leave the house because of dizziness and headaches. Dr. Dudley has identified several ways to help in addition to the 30 weeks of vision therapy.… Read More »

Mother of G.H.

“We came to DVT after years of vision issues, eye turning, and difficulty in the classroom. We were nervous about the time, energy, and financial commitment involved. yes… the time, energy, and finances involved were a burden, but we are SO HAPPY with the results. Our child has made HUGE progress. The investment was well… Read More »

G.H. – Age 8

“Mia was the BEST Therapist EVER! I’m gunna mis her so much! I mean, really I will miss her.”

B. D. – Age 6

“I feel like my eyes do not turn”

Mother of C.C.

“My son has improved leaps and bounds in his reading and fluency. It has given him the opportunity to see all the best potential his eyes will allow. Without Vision therapy and Dr. Dudley working with C, he would be struggling throughout his entire life with reading and comprehension. I want to thank them from… Read More »

C.C. – Age 8

“Vision therapy chang my life because it helpet me sey beter.”

Mother of G.G.

“G was a reluctant and uncomfortable reader. Her eyes tired quickly when reading and she often complained that the font was too small (unfortunately I thought she was being lazy rather than struggling with her vision). After thorough testing and a very comprehensive assessment, G began weekly vision therapy sessions. After 20 sessions and some… Read More »

G.G. – Age 12

“I started out not likeing to read because I didn’t like reading small print. After vision therapy I started to like reading a lot more. All the things we did at vision therapy were all fun things. Now I like to read.”

Parent of B.T. – Age 7

“When B. began working with Dr. Dudley and her team as a four year old, he had problems with eye teaming, tracking, and focusing. The Denver Vision Therapy staff was warm and caring, and they helped to put B. at ease. Their therapy program addressed each of these issues with exercises that were age appropriate… Read More »

G. R. – Age 14

“Before vision therapy, I hated reading because I couldn’t read fast, it would make me tired and I couldn’t comprehend well at all. Homework would take hours because my eyes would be tired and couldn’t function very well. After vision therapy, I can read over twice as fast, so I can read much faster and… Read More »

Mother of B.T. – Age 5

“My son (who was 5 at the time) was struggling to grip a pencil correctly, He’d been working with OT at his school for a year and a half with NO progress. They suggested I come here, where we learned mu son had significant vision issues as well as a delayed infant reflex. I’d never heard… Read More »

T.S. – Age 9

“Both eyes didn’t work well together, the right eye was stronger, so I couldn’t see as good as I could have. With eye therapy both eyes work well together, I can see better and I did have to get glasses for close up work but it’s easier to see up close and my eyes don’t… Read More »

Parent of C.Y. – age 8

“C. doesn’t struggle as much in school since he has been in vision therapy. He enjoys reading, and he gets excited about a book. He have seen a change in his confidence and his attitude. He is a little more confident in his school work, and his attitude is more positive. We have also seen… Read More »

A.K.- age 11

“Before I came here, it was hard for me to have balance and follow something with my eyes, Reading was hard because my eyes couldn’t pay attention. My writing was sloppy. Vision Therapy was awesome because I learned to catch a ball and my eyes learned to move together. Now, I don’t need my finger… Read More »

Parent of A.K.- age 11

“Before we came here, my daughter had problems tracking while she was reading and being unable to tell the beginning from the ending of a word. Her writing was confusing and convoluted. Her balance between her eyes and body (hand-eye coordination) was lacking. Dr. Dudley and her therapist worked very hard with A., making the… Read More »

Parent of O & S- Ages 12 & 11

“We have two boys. We started going to Dr. Dudley and her team for my older son with learning differences and special needs. He went to her for about a year. The growth and differences during therapy were significant. Every child is different but he grew so much. He also grew at school in math,… Read More »

Parent of M. C. – Age 10

“When my daughter M. started DVT in 5th grade in Dec 2017, her lazy eye was very noticeable (especially if she was tired) and it affected her reading big time. At a time in elementary school when reading comprehension was so important amongst her peers, M. struggled. After a year of DVT, M. has used… Read More »

E. N. – Age 34

“I stopped reading because I got headaches and my eyes hurt. My eye Dr. told me to come here and they tested my eyes, how fast I could read, and how I was seeing. I found out that seeing ‘double’ and ‘blurry’ isn’t how we are supposed to see. I worked with Mia and did… Read More »

E.B. – Age 8

I used to not like reading but now I do. My eyes used to hurt when I was reading but now they don’t. I’m better at reading and writing.

Parent of E.B. – Age 8

E. is our second child to be changed by vision therapy. We moved to Denver 2 years ago, and when our 2nd grader began to experience similar difficulties in reading as her older sister we knew exactly what she needed. We checked COVD website. We saw that Dr. Dudley was certified here in Denver. We… Read More »

A.T. – Age 10

“Well my reading is much better than it was. It was not easy but it payed off. It is hard to say what the diffents is but is a good one. It can be frustraiting but was worth it. Some days it was hard to imagin therapy would end. Thankfully it did.”

Parent of A.T.- age 10

“We are so grateful for A’s experience with vision therapy! We have seen such progress in her vision, physical coordination, and reading speed and accuracy. She started with an eye turn and the eye turn is no longer apparent. Vision therapy addressed aspects of my daughters life that I didn’t even know were related to… Read More »

Parent of O.L. – Age 8

“It takes a lot of: Time, Commitment, Determination, and Hard work. But it is all worth it! My sons eyes have corrected themselves and today we are graduation from DVT today. The PT’s are wonderful to work with and are very caring! Not only has my son had less headaches and better testing scores, he… Read More »

J.M. – Age 18

“Growing up I did not realize how bad my eyes were. I went to the eye doctor every year and had 20/20 vision. I was never good at sports, especially if there was a ball sport. It was hard to take tests because I had to re-read the questions and it was hard to think… Read More »

Z. D. – Age 7

“Yes vision therapy really helped me a lot with reading. I liked Dr. Dudley.”

P.D. -Age 23

“I came to eye therapy not being able to read for 15 minutes without getting dizzy and nauseous. I am an English Lit Major so I needed to be able to read. I couldn’t drive either. Someone had to drop me off and pick me up everywhere I wanted to go. I had to drop… Read More »

Parent of R.I. – Age 7

“We have been so impressed with Dr. Dudley and her team! We have seen a big improvement with our son’s vision issues.”

R.I. – Age 7

“Thank you! 🙂 “

Parent of A.M. -Age 7

“A. was an excellent student prior to 3rd grade- then the teacher started reporting that A. was struggling in school, his attention span had diminished, and he started ‘stretching’ his eyes constantly. After seeing Dr. Dudley and doing therapy for a year, I can say that A. improved dramatically his daily school performance and attitude,… Read More »

A.M.- Age 7

“I am so proud of myself. All of these home activities made my eyes feel much better! I would like to thank Dr. Dudley and all her therapists. If my parents didn’t say anything about this my eyes wouldn’t feel any better! I am so lucky to have these activities! Prize day, activities, evaluations, boy,… Read More »

Mother of HB- Age 7

“We have Dr. Dudley and her team to thank for our daughters success. We were struggling in school with reading and having terrible headaches. Through 3 groups of sessions, we saw wonderful improvements both with her vision and reading. She is very thankful for their dedication to help her see more clearly.”

HB- Age 7

“Thank you Dr. Dudley for helping me see more clearly and getting rid of my headaches. I’m glad you could help me.”  


Vision Therapy changed my life to make my numbers the right way around and it helped a lot with math.  It was great help improve my eyes so I could see better and it helped my reading.  It long car drive, as it took half an hour for the drive.


A was an excellent student prior to 3rd grade. Then the teacher started reporting that A was struggling in school, his attention span had diminished and he started “stretching” his eyes constantly. After seeing Dr. Dudley and doing therapy for a year, I can say that A improved dramatically his daily school performance and attitude… Read More »


Thank you for letting me come to vision therapy. Everyone hear is very nice. I like to come hear after school on Wednesday and playing a bunch of fun games at vision therapy. Vision therapy helped my eyes a lot now my eyes don’t hurt when I read anymore.


Vision therapy has made all the difference in our son’s life. Before starting, he would complain of watery eyes and headaches. Glasses were not helping. Through our therapy sessions with Mia & Jarred, our son has made great strides. He loves reading and no longer complains of any problems with his eyes. It has helped… Read More »


Every time I got new glasses in about 6 months, mabey 3 I would see things blury again. My mom saw something online called Denver Vision Therapy and signed me up to do it. I got to do fun activitys and I got to do some at home. I got to play on their TV… Read More »


Since starting Vision Therapy my daughter no longer complains of tired eyes. Her sleep has improved, she reads quickly, and her confidence has risen. Lori was amazing to work with, always explaining how each activity would help improve her vision. Thanks Denver Vision Therapy.


I am so proud of myself! All of these home activitys made my eyes feel much better! I would like to thank Dr. Dudley & all of the therapists. If my parents didn’t say anything about this my eyes wouldn’t feel any better! I am so lucky to have these activitys! Prize day, activitys, evaluations,… Read More »


The thing that I feel is that I was working in Denver Vision Therapy for my eyes. I had glass for my eyes to help me. I had activities for my eyes to work on. After I do activities I play games.


Yes vision therapy really helped me a lot with reading. I liked Dr. Dudley.


My son C was diagnosed with fairly severe tracking issues at his annual eye exam in the fall of 2016 at the age of 9. He could not track objects without moving his entire head. He also had sensitivity to light, watering eyes, and he would pull at the bottom of his eyelids to stretch… Read More »


My eye problems were I skip line when reading, get head akes, I had problem tracking and focusing with out have to pull on my eyes. Vision therapy help so now I don’t pull on my eye, I am not sensitive to light, I can track easier and I don’t skip lines. This is how… Read More »


Before therapy L did not like reading, had a poor temper due to frustration, and was generally in poor spirits. Over the course of the year, with Nikki and Lori’s help, L is almost caught up with his grade level reading standards, has much better handwriting, loves to draw and write stories, and is a… Read More »


I started out with double vision—where the images did not line up vertically or horizontally. Lenses with prisms were prescribed with excellent results—after a day of adjustment to the lenses. I wore them for 2 days then I didn’t need them. Lori was great to work with—I am grateful for all the skills and patience… Read More »


Before I attended vision therapy I had blurriness, I was dizzy, had headaches, and was unable to read without getting a headache. During therapy I struggled with converging my eyes and struggled with remembering facts about short stories. I am now able to handle 30 minutes of reading, no dizziness, and headaches are not as… Read More »


From a brain tumor and surgery to remove it I was left with blurry double vision and an inability to drive at night. After completing vision therapy and getting a new prescription for close and distance glasses the double blurry vision is very much improved and almost gone most days. And now I can drive… Read More »


Began to see double at about 80 yo driving home from skiing. Later thought vision therapy might help. A Dr.’s son-in-law (70) gave me Dr. Dudley’s name because he had so much success with a vision therapist in Boulder. I feel I’ve improved the balance and acuity in both eyes. Night driving is easier, double… Read More »


AB was struggling with reading and despite lots of hard work, we didn’t see much improvement. Then our eye doctor suggested vision therapy to help with tracking. By working hard and completing the weekly exercises, we saw an improvement in reading. And also fewer headaches! It was great to see the hard work pay off… Read More »


Our daughter came in with headaches and a hard time following (tracking) with her eyes. She has come such a long way in the last six months. Her eyes are strong and no more headaches!

Mom of BR

Brendan really struggled in his first year of middle school. After going through a number of assessments Brendan was referred to Dr. Dudley. It made such a difference for Brendan to get answers as to why he was having a hard time in school. He understood that it wasn’t simply his lack of effort or… Read More »


When I entered vision therapy I was doing poorly in school and I never thought my vision had something to do with it. We did an assessment and realized how messed up my eyes really were. I started taking the classes and saw improvement only a month in! I got all issues of mine fixed… Read More »


Seing double ai year ago in softball it helps me see the ball better. I am reading better and it makes me happy.


My daughter was referred to vision therapy because she had poor reading comprehension and her eyes would tire quickly while reading. Dr. Dudley discovered what the problems were (blurry areas, eyes not teaming well, focus flexibility) and with the efforts of Lori, the therapist, a course of exercises made a big difference in my daughter’s… Read More »


Vision therapy changed my vision because before I felt like I was seeing two things instead of one thing. Also when I was reading I felt like it was so difficult to comprehend what I was reading because I was skipping lots of words. At home I would have to do some of the exercises… Read More »


My story is I saw everything double. I couldn’t read like everyone else. Eye therapy was a very hard challenge for me. I had headaches all the time. Now I have my driver license and I graduate high school now I’m in college. It wasn’t easy but I fought to work hard on my eyes… Read More »


When I started bringing my granddaughter to Denver Vision Therapy, I was hoping that we were not too late for her to make the necessary change to improve her school education, as she was 18 and a senior in high school. My fears were soon put to rest as she not only changed her school… Read More »


After a car accident I began to experience nausea, dizziness, and a sense of disorientation that affected the routine daily activities that I took for granted. Grocery shopping, cleaning house, and even getting dressed became overwhelming. With vision therapy work, I’ve made steady gains, and am now performing routine tasks without the apprehension and exhaustion… Read More »


My daughter LM started vision therapy 11 months ago when she just turned six years old. LM always came off as uncoordinated and spacey. Gross motor activities were always a struggle for her. Shortly after starting therapy we started seeing major improvements in all areas for LM, especially gross motor. She learned to ride her… Read More »


I kan cee betr!


Before Vision Therapy, I could hardly catch a ball. I would constantly knock things over and it was a huge pain. My eyes would track things one inch at a time. Now that I completed the vision therapy course, catching balls is 10x easier than before. I can tell their position in space with ease.… Read More »


I seme to overcome my strilgirn in reading. I also play Lacrosse and I fill it hellipt me play Lacrosse caus of you guys.


My son was struggling in school and playing lacrosse. As a family, we were very aware that he was having problems with reading, pronouncing words, and catching a ball. After working with a school district, we were not getting anywhere with his education. We decided to seek out other professionals to assist him. Vision therapy… Read More »

Mom of HT

When I was 3 my left eye started turning out. I was a little clumsy and sometimes it was hard to focus on things. I have gone through 40 weeks of vision therapy and can control my eye turn. I am not clumsy anymore and my balance has improved. I like reading much better now… Read More »

SS Jr.

Before vision therapy I depended on reading to help me fall asleep but now I can’t do that anymore, because now my eyes don’t get tired as easily. Thanks Mia!

SS Sr.

S would get extremely fatigued with school, especially reading. He would avoid reading and struggled in language arts class in school. During vision therapy, after about 6 months, he was excelling in language arts class and even managed to receive an award at the end of the year! He doesn’t get tired as easily and… Read More »


I started out not being able to see the board and it was hard to learn. And I’ve grown a lot since then with the help of Mia, and now I feel invincible. We have figured out that I’m near-sighted. So, I got glasses and it’s amazing. I can see the board and I don’t… Read More »


When we first came to Ocular Therapy, 11 months ago, our child was complaining about not being able to see the board that well at school, and also about blurry vision. This problem was affecting her both academically and socially. At first, we were very concerned about the cost and time investment. However, Dr. Dudley… Read More »


I used to skip words and lines when I read. Because of that I got bad grades in reading. Now after vision therapy I feel more confident reading out loud in class and I have a B in reading. Vision therapy has helped with that and I am grateful for all the support and help… Read More »


Before Vision Therapy, my daughter’s poor vision affected her ability to not only see things clearly, but her ability to focus, move through space smoothly, hit a ball, and maintain balance. Now that she has had 40 sessions of therapy, she can clearly see letters and words on a page, and is ready to read!… Read More »


At first I was rubbing my eyes a lot. Then we found Denver Vision Therapy. Lori and Dr. Dudley helped me and my eyes a lot! Now I am not rubbing my eyes as much and I am beginning to read more books!


Dr. Dudley and her therapist Lori have been so helpful towards getting our son E.P. on the road to recovery. Their innovative approach has translated into improvements in his performance at school and an increased interest in reading. We look forward to seeing continued improvements as a result of this therapy.


Vision therapy reduced my double vision from a constant nagging problem to something that I rarely notice. Therapy has made me more comfortable and confident in both professional and social settings. I am thankful for Dr. Dudley and her staff, especially Lori, for the work that they put in to making my journey more enjoyable.


At the end of my therapy, I can read again for hours at a time, an entire book on a rainy Saturday and not even feel fatigued! I love this; however, it is not the change that has been most important. My ability to think is much easier. I no longer mix up words, lose… Read More »


I went to my eye doctor for my yearly check up and we dropped my prescription. The next day everything was doubled. He recommended me here and with the help and support of Dr. Dudley’s team they helped me get my focus back. They also showed me how to use my eyes (I know that… Read More »


My eyes were terrible! I couldn’t see words on pages, letters that were small, things would double up on me, and I hated to play tag because I couldn’t see them coming. Now my eyes are good because I can see small words and things don’t double and I love tag and climbing. My reading… Read More »


I arrived fighting double vision. It had become so annoying I couldn’t stand dealing with it. I was 68 and appeared to be their oldest client since I mostly saw kids coming out of the office. With the work they did with me – exercises, tests, and positive feedback I just kept trying harder and… Read More »

Parent of HK

We came to Denver Vision Therapy after my son’s teacher raised some concerns about his vision. The initial evaluation found some vision issues that needed to be addressed. Also, there was a concern with our son’s reading fluency and comprehension. He completed 20 weeks of therapy, and we have seen great improvements with his vision… Read More »


Vision Therapy helped me read better from when I started Vision Therapy. Vision Therapy helped me get better grades in school.


I came in because my eyes always felt strained and tired. I’ve been to countless number of optometrists and no one could figure out what was wrong. Vision Therapy has helped my eyes work better to the point it doesn’t feel strained or tired anymore. Dr. Dudley also found that my eyes were over corrected… Read More »

Parent of AO

AO struggles with learning disabilities and ADHD. We were looking for an alternative form of treatment for AO to help her with these issues. A friend of ours mentioned vision therapy may help. After almost one year of vision therapy we have seen huge strides in AO’s reading and focus. She no longer needs medication… Read More »


After unsuccessful attempts at reading therapies, we started eye therapy. A started the school year way below average and by Christmas break she had achieved benchmark (50% on educational testing) – Current evaluations are pending. Her self-confidence has really improved. Her attitude towards reading has markedly changed. Motion sickness has decreased. WE are thrilled with… Read More »


I came here because I had really bad headaches and had to sit out during camp sometimes. I love to read but sometimes it would make my head hurt and I used to avoid writing. But now after working with Lori I only sometimes get headaches and I just published my first book at school.… Read More »

Parent of AT

Denver Vision Therapy, Dr. Dudley, and Miss Nikki have been life-changing for our daughter. A came to Dr. Dudley with a “profound” need, not reading well of doing well, academically. They helped A help herself as a visual learner. She’s now at grade level and above average in some school subjects. Denver Vision Therapy is… Read More »


It was chalging for me at the begining but once I got stoted my vision changed. My left eye was weak and my right eye was find, a little proble but it was fine. My eyes have impoved so well its fomnol how hard I worked but know my eyes are perfect and I can… Read More »


My child struggled in school since kindergarten. They said his work didn’t reflect what he knew. 1st grade they wanted to hold him back. We moved to Littleton and the eye Dr. referred us to Dr. Dudley and her staff. We finally got our answer, and all the years of frustration and tears would have… Read More »


Hello! My story is that I was in a motor vehicle accident on May 6, 2015. I began developing symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. My back and neck were also strained. After six months of physical therapy, most of those symptoms were on the mend. The other, maybe more annoying symptoms remained. I couldn’t cross the… Read More »

Parent of JM

We came to vision therapy very lost on how best to help J. He was struggling in school and we were feeling at a significant loss on what to ask for and how to help. I cried after our first evaluation on how bad things were. Now a year later J is a totally different… Read More »


I’ve learned skills to smoothly follow movements, and television, and traffic without straining and squinting. Working with Nikki was a joy and fun. Her expertise is second to none. The direction and coordination with Dr. Dudley was smooth, efficient, and scheduling was easy. My depth perception has noticeably improved and characters on T.V. or movie… Read More »

Mother of MD

M. was really struggling with reading and school work. We had her tested at VT and found out she had a tracking issue. We began VT and after our first 10 sessions we began to see significant improvement! During this time, we also had her tested for dyslexia. VT has been so helpful on our… Read More »

Mother of GB

For a number of years my daughter struggled with reading and writing specifically. Reading was a chore and the recall and comprehension seemed non-existent. At the time she required glasses, we learned that she had trouble teaming and was diagnosed with exophoria. After vision therapy, reading became less of a chore and in her own… Read More »

Mother of RM

My son struggled for years in school. He had repeated kindergarten and his first grade teacher considered holding him back again. The summer before 2nd grade, he was referred to Dr. Dudley. He started 2nd grade reading at a kindergarten level. He couldn’t see the words because they scattered all over the page. After a… Read More »


My vision wasn’t good because when I would read it kept getting blurry and mixed. I was really nervous to start vision therapy. Once time past, it got more fun. Everyday my vision got straighter and I could read better. The words don’t get mixed up anymore. Thanks to vision therapy I can read chapter… Read More »


I started high school frustrated. I hated reading and my reading glasses were about as helpful as telling a dead person to wake up. Anywho I went to my annual eye appointment but there was a new doctor. He looked at me and recommended I go get a consult with Dr. Dudley. After the examination… Read More »

Wife of JC

My husband was a normally functioning adult when one day he sustained a head injury. It changed not only his personality but his ability to read, write, drive, and his balance was off. 1 year after going to several doctors we came to vision therapy 4 hours from our home in Nebraska. Each week we… Read More »


I sustained my brain injury on 6/10/2016 from a 15-foot fall. We couldn’t get any answers to why I was feeling and performing certain ways. In 2014 we found a neuro scientist that recommended I see a neuro ophthalmologist. In 2015 my wife found Dr. Dudley. I began seeing Lori for my therapies soon after.… Read More »


Hi. My name is R and I’m 14 years old. I’ve had glasses for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until last year that I found out that my eyes needed much more help than just glasses. Prior to coming to vision therapy I couldn’t catch a ball to save my life.… Read More »


When I began vision therapy I was very discouraged and self-conscious about how this condition affected day to day activities such as driving and watching TV comfortably. Vision Therapy helped me understand my condition and the fun (and sometimes easy) activities greatly improved my vision and brought awareness to how my eyes are working. I… Read More »


When I walked in my first day of vision therapy with Mia, I could not see further than 5 feet without everything splitting in two. My double vision was absolutely detrimental to my life and interfered with daily functioning. Now after 20 sessions working with my therapist Mia I have no more double vision and… Read More »

Parent of CW

I had heard about Dr. Dudley through a friend whose daughters went through the vision therapy program. My son had struggled for years to focus and stay on-task. He also had difficulty reading and going from the board to writing notes on paper. He is now able to breeze through homework and stay on-task. What… Read More »

Parent of L

My daughter was having trouble at school where she avoided her work and seemed easily distracted. A teacher recommended that she have her eyes checked and that’s when we were referred to Dr. Dudley for vision therapy. Our daughter blossomed during vision therapy. She began to like reading and now gets excited to go to… Read More »

Parent of C

Our daughter had/s always been a great student but had recently begun struggling with completion assignments and the teachers were concerned with attention issues. A few months prior her eye doctor had noticed tracking issues. After reviewing both challenges and options we decided on what seemed like an “alternative” solution and we came to DVT.… Read More »

Parent of T

At the beginning, I was seeing double a little and I was skipping words in reading. Vision therapy let me exterminate all these things while being fun. Also, it isn’t very long, I’d estimate 25 weeks on average. Additionally, there is a prize box for kids after 5 sessions with extremely good rewards. In the… Read More »


I didn’t know what I was missing by not seeing well with my two eyes having a mind of their own. My eyes started to team better and I could read better and I could read more easily – better yet I could do my ninja tricks with greater precision. Thank you Denver Vision Therapy!

Parent of D

We first realized my daughter had a vision problem when, at age 11, she asked her dad if it was normal to see two of him, and shortly after a traumatic event caused the rest of her vision to decline. It was scary. As I spoke to other parents, 5 others told me about their… Read More »

Parent of AW

Going through vision therapy with my son helped me understand why reading had traditionally been so difficult and frustrating for him. It was great to see his pride in his accomplishments and the significant improvement in his self-confidence.


It made my double vision go away and made reading easier. Made life easier and gave me more patience.

Parent of SA

SA used to avoid reading on his homework and would often cry at home and at school. He is now an enthusiastic reader and finishes his homework quickly and independently. All of this has resulted in him feeling much more positively about school, and overall he is a much happier kid. We are thrilled with… Read More »

SA, age 10

My hand wrighting got a lot better and I read a lot more faster. I read more and cry a lot less.

SN, age 30

Prior to vision therapy I felt my double vision getting worse every year. Multiple optometrists dismissed my symptoms. When I finally found vision therapy I felt as if I finally found people who understood my vision problem. With vision therapy I was able to make significant gains in reducing my double vision. It is a… Read More »

Parent of GSGP

G was a reluctant and uncomfortable reader. Her eye tired quickly when reading and she often complained that font was too small (unfortunately, I thought she was being lazy rather than struggling with her vision). After thorough testing and a very comprehensive assessment, G began weekly vision therapy sessions. After 20 sessions and some real… Read More »


I started out not likeing to read because I didn’t like reading small print.  After vision therapy I started to like reading a lot more. All the things we did at vision theropy were all fun things.  Now I like to read.

Parent of CC

My son has improved leaps and bounds in his reading and fluency.  It has given him the opportunity to see to the best potential his eyes will allow.  Without Vision Therapy, Nikki, and Dr. Dudley working with C he would be struggling throughout his entire life with reading and comprehension.  I want to thank them… Read More »


Vision therapy chang my life because it hepet my sey beter.

Parent of S.R.B.

S, my daughter, has increased her confidence level, her reading speed, her performance at school after 20 sessions of vision therapy.  She worked extremely hard on her vision therapy homework which showed to me her level of commitment and seriousness to overcome and strength to work hard and stamina to encompass all of her activities… Read More »


About 7 months ago I was told I needed to begin vision therapy.  This was because I had trouble reading and tracking with my eyes.  I had no idea what to expect when I walked in that first day.  I ended up meeting the nicest, most caring person you could ever meet.  Her name was… Read More »

Parent of L.H.

My daughter was tested as gifted but struggled with reading.   There was a lot of frustration trying to understand why she couldn’t keep up with her class.  We were fortunate in that her teacher noticed odd eye movements while she was reading and suggested she be evaluated.  Vision therapy was a huge commitment.  It was… Read More »


Vision therapy has helped me very much.  I couldn’t keep up with my class and my grades were decreasing.  But My therapist and Dr. Duddley help the most.  I am thankful for my therapist and Docter Duddley.  I will miss then all.  I couldn’t have raised my grades, or gotten out of reading group without… Read More »

Parent of P.D.

“My son was starting to give up on reading when we first came to Denver Vision Therapy.  The words were floating on the paper and he was forgetting his sight words.  This would cause disruption in the class because he would try and make a distraction so he didn’t have to try and read the… Read More »


“eye therapy has bin fun  it has helped me a lot because now the wrds are not floteing uraunt and I cane rede much beter and I love eye therapy.  it has bin hard thes 30 weeks and I thake you ever boty.”

Parent of S

“Vision Therapy really helped S learn to read.  It also helped her with her confidence and abilities in other areas.  Once she was able to track, she no longer wiggled in her seat as much at school.  Now she is able to read on her own and comprehend books without a lot of direction.  Vision… Read More »


“VT is fun! VT helped a lot. it helped me see words in a row. My VT therapist is nice! Here name is Niki. The eye doctor is nice too. Her name is Dr. Dudley. VT helped me focus better. Now I can see a lot better. I went to VT 2014-2015. I wish I… Read More »

Parent of W.J.

“When we started Vision Therapy, he was a good reader but hated reading.  He would struggle through even one page of what should have been easy.  He blinked a lot, rubbed his eyes, kept getting up “for a drink” and any number of delay tactics, especially at night.  Now he loves reading.  He reads for… Read More »


“I really like to read.”


“Before I came to vision therapy I noticed that I was struggling with reading/writing and motion sickness.  During my time here I did a series of exercises that helped me get over my motion sickness and get better at writing and reading.  I have learned that this treatment helps with all sorts of problems.  Thank… Read More »

Parent of M

“Vision therapy has greatly helped my daughter, M.  We noticed from a young age that she would skip words or whole lines while reading and had trouble staying focused.  After vision therapy her eye tracking, focusing and eye teaming are greatly improved.  In 30 weeks she went from reading 97 words per minute up to… Read More »


“I think my tracking is better.  Now I like reading.”

Parent of A

“Going through vision therapy with my son helped me understand why reading had traditionally been so difficult and frustrating for him.  It was great to see his pride in his accomplishments and the significant improvement in his self-confidence.”


“It made my double vision go away and made reading easier.  Made life easier and gave me more pacentice”

Parent of K

“My daughter was getting headaches, unable to clearly read and falling behind in school.  After a lot of hard work she is able to read without the words floating off the page or lines running together.  I love walking into her room and finding her reading!  Her grades have improved and I’m glad her eye… Read More »


“My story is I’m doing better in school and getting better grades.  Now I can finally see the ball coming when I’m up to bat in softball.  By doing vision therapy it helped my future and my life.  Now I can read and my therapist Lori was super helpful with all my problems I used… Read More »

Parent of M.K.

“My daughter M.K. struggled for at least 2 years with double vision, words swimming on the page and just seeing blurry.  Previous doctors told us her eyes were fine.  Finding Dr. Dudley has been life changing for M.K.  She knew right away the problem and a plan to help.  Vision therapy has been magical.  M.K.’s… Read More »


“Before I came to Vision Therapy words used to swim on the page.  I would get double vision and everything was blurry.  After coming to vision therapy, I now have less headaches and I can see much better.  Denver Vision Therapy helped me a lot between school and sports.   My vision therapist made all… Read More »

Parent of L

“We were shocked to learn how much L’s eyes needed vision therapy.  It was definitely a learning experience in the beginning.  L worked very hard every day and at his therapy appointments.  Some “exercises” were fun, some were challenging, but we got through them and I can tell L’s eyes work together properly now the… Read More »


“I like thrup becus some of the iktivudes ware fun.  One of my favreys iktiutes is bop it and I spi and hitin pitcrs and mugiki and the leter ball and balis bond and simen and redeng with the fiiper.  I liket Mr. Nicey.”

Parent of J

“My daughter was getting double vision, red, watery eyes, headaches.  Would lose her spot while reading.  When we started doing therapy, they were like games for her.  But slowly those games started to improve her symptoms.  There was a lot of consistence from both our parts on doing the daily activities.  Her own teacher seen… Read More »


“I was seeing double and I could not do divergence but now I can.  My therapist was Lori and she helped me with my eyes.”

Parent of C

“My daughter has improved so much through her sessions at Denver Vision Therapy!  When we started she skipped words and lines while reading and needed a guide to make sure she stayed on the line of text.  She struggled with reading fluency and accuracy.  Now after months of therapy she has grown leaps and bounds. … Read More »


“When I first started vision I had to use a marker and skipet words.  Know I don’t need that stuff anymore.  V.T. helped me get student of the month.  Thank you Lori!  Aasome!”

Parent of M

“Sitting in the living room watching the news one morning, my daughter mentioned she couldn’t read what was on the screen.  Scary moment to say the least!  Now having been through 30 weeks of therapy, she reads better than she ever has and has phenomenal tracking skills.  Thanks very much to our therapist and Dr. Dudley… Read More »


“I think Vision Therapy changed and helped me see better and it effected my performance a lot!  Now I can read and write a lot better and it affected my life and it helped me catch up in reading.  I overcame many obstacles such as: skipping lines, double vision and my left eye going out. … Read More »

Parent of A

“Prior to Vision Therapy, A was struggling in school, in particular with reading and writing.  Getting her to complete her work was a battle, including getting her to read for school or pleasure.  After 3-10 week sessions, A has improved not only in her schoolwork but now finds reading a pleasure.  The daily exercises that… Read More »


“Befor I started vision therapy I did not enjoy to read and it was no fun.  As I progresses I started to read more and it was more fun for me.  So far I have read many chapter books.  Vision therapy has helped me a lot in the 30 sesions that I have taken.”

Parent of L

“Reading has become much easier for L.”


“I think that I like reading more and I can lern beter.”

Parent of I

“I. was in kinder when his teacher shared with us ‘the lights are on and no one’s home.’  She suggested he had attention issues, but couldn’t give specifics.  An OT recommended an informal vision assessment which resulted in a referral here.  At the time I. was way below grade level in every area.  After a… Read More »


“I came to vision therapy with severe doubling of vision without prism in both eyes using Fresnel lenses.  Within a few weeks the prism required dropped.  I had a difficult time with 3-D images.  For several exercises this improved.  I had a difficult time with visual memory (I’m very verbal).  Over time, I was able… Read More »


“My reading has gotten so much better.  I can read faster, and longer without getting frustrated because I can scan words and know what they are quicker.”


“After struggling with dizziness for a year after a concussion, I came to Denver Vision Therapy to see if vision therapy could help and it did!  My dizziness went from being a daily / semi-daily occurrence to a very rare occurrence over the course of therapy.  I also noticed other benefits, including better clarity and… Read More »

Parent of M.S.

“We were a year into homeschooling M.S. and were very close to giving up on it due to the struggles we were having with M.S. and reading.  Although M.S. was in 4th grade, her comprehension was below grade level and we were constantly battling to get her to read.  Many reading sessions ended in tear… Read More »


“When I started vision therapy I could not read.  I was at a 3rd grade reading level.  So it was very frustrating.  It helped my reading.  I went from hating reading to loving reading.  It helped my spelling.  Being able to read 5th and 6th grade instead of 3rd and 4th grade.   F.I.Y. – I… Read More »

Parent of G.S.

“School was a struggle for my son before we came to vision therapy.  Over the course of a year, my son has jumped up three grade levels with reading.  He also enjoys reading on his own for fun.  I am glad that he went through the program and I have seen a huge change in… Read More »


“Denver Vision Therapy has helped me so much.  They have great people that work here, they are so kind.  They have helped me with reading.  It’s now easier to spell.”

Parent of D

“Noticing my son through a lens, with his left eye facing a different direction, gave me cause for concern.  Once a diagnosis was made at an eye exam, Dr. Dudley was referred to us.  I never knew how much your eyes truly assist you on so many levels from focus, coordination, balance, and memory.  My… Read More »


“Vision therapy has helped me by a lot.  I am glad I did it because my eye could have gotten a lot worse and I could have had glasses.  My vision therapy helped me with my memory, it helped me with catching, and lots of other numerous things.  It has just helped me a lot. … Read More »


“I like to play games with Miss Nikki.  My favorite game is Blink.”

Parent of C

“Our son was 5 when we started Vision Therapy.  He struggled with fine motor skills, tracking, balance, handwriting, and focusing on small objects.  After working with Nikki, he is riding a bike, reading above grade level and can hit a baseball.  Kindergarten/1st grade homework are no longer a struggle and he is full of confidence! … Read More »


I sucked at stuff then I got better. Thanks VT! 🙂

Parent of C

I had heard about Dr. Dudley through a friend whose daughters went through the vision therapy program. My son had struggled for years to focus and stay on-task. He also had difficulty reading and going from the board to writing notes on paper. He is now able to breeze through homework and stay on-task. What… Read More »

Parent of T

At the beginning, I was seeing double a little and I was skipping words in reading. Vision therapy let me exterminate all these things while being fun. Also, it isn’t very long I’d estimate 25 weeks on average. Additionally, there is a prize box for kids after 5 sessions with extremely good rewards. In the… Read More »


I didn’t know what I was missing by not see well with my two eyes having a mind of their own. My eyes started to team better and I could read better and I could read more easily – better yet I could do my ninja tricks with greater precision. Thank you Denver Vision Therapy!

Parent of E

A Success Story entitled:  From Fear to Fascination – My son had what seemed to be a fear of reading.  Whenever we wanted him to read he would get nervous and antsy.  He was falling behind the other students and some were trying to label him as slow and ADHD.  A teacher recommended us getting… Read More »

Parent of S

My daughter has increased in her confidence level, her reading speed, her performance at school after 20 sessions of vision therapy.  She worked extremely hard on her vision therapy homework which showed to me her level of commitment and seriousness to overcome and strength to work hard and stamina to encompass all of her activities… Read More »

Parent of SA

SA uses to avoid reading on his homework and would often cry at home and at school.  He is now an enthusiastic reader and finishes his homework quickly and independently.  All of this has resulted in him feeling much more positively about school, and overall he is a much happier kid.  We are thrilled with… Read More »


My hand wrighting got a lot better and I read a lot more faster.  I read more and cry a lot less.

Parent of KG

“My daughter had double vision before she started vision therapy. It was frustrating for her to read. Also learning to read was very hard for her. Now she is an excellent reader and enjoys reading in her spare time. I’m really happy we found Denver Vision Therapy. Eye doctors would tell us there was nothing… Read More »


“When I came to eye Therapy I had double vision so I came here. I also got glasses. My two favorite teachers were Kayla and Dr. Dudley. They both helped me. I had a great! time but sometimes it was hard! Now I don’t need glasses or double vision.”

Parent of BC

“My Son BC was experiencing frustration with reading, writing, playing the piano and drawing- all things he had previously enjoyed. When we came to Dr. Dudley, we were very hopeful that she could help us in even the smallest amount. 8 months later, the difference in BC’s vision is staggering! He is enjoying all of… Read More »


“Before I started, my eyes looked like they were peeled right off a goofy monster from the 80’s, or my head was hit by a baseball bat. I have to say, I WAS A WRECK! It really all started when my eyes started to get irritated, and being the concerned parents my mom and dad… Read More »


“Before vision therapy I never read any stories, books, or anything. When I came to therapy, Kayla helped me calibrate my eyes to work as a team instead of individually. Now I read every day without fail. I cannot thank Kayla and Vision Therapy more for allowing this to come true.”

Parent of KM

“Before KM started eye therapy, she struggled in all areas of academics. She hated reading, flipped her letters, sometimes whole words. She refused to study and fought to begin homework. Since then and after starting eye therapy, her academic world has changed. She gets 100% on most spelling tests, gained the confidence she needed to… Read More »


“I have got so much better through the year. I like therapy, it is fun. I got better reading, now it fun to read. Writing is better too.”

Parent of EG & LG

“My children EG & LG were both helped a great deal by VT. Data shows growth in both kids, which is important. I can see huge changes in each as well…..They both love to read and write, that is the most important of all! They have worked so hard at WT, even when we were… Read More »


“Vision therapy helped me with my reading and my writing. I also made it so that I can see farther than I was able to see before. I t also helped me so that I do not have to bend down but I am able to sit up instead of my face an inch off… Read More »


“I’m a better reader because of vision therapy. I got better in soccer because of vision therapy. I used to not be able to sit in my chair.”

Parent of CW

“CW was so well taken care of by Dr. Dudley and Kayla. They appreciated his specialness and found the best exercises and games that we could get behind and help him with. His confidence improved and he felt so proud with every improvement he made. Thanks for everything!” – SW


“I had a problem with my right eye. Vision therapy really helped especially with reading. Thanks.”

Parent of AY & OY

“I brought my son, AG, to Dr. Dudley after I noticed his interest in reading declined after 1st grade. I also noticed that he was skipping words and reading slowly. We began vision therapy. After a while, I notices his tracking improved. His reading continued to improve. His fluency improved as was evident by his school… Read More »


“I liked about vision therapy was the nice teachers and fun and crazy eye exercises and how much fun me and Mrs. Nikki had together playing fun games, wearing goofy glasses, using patches, and getting to try on flippers.”


“I liked that it helped my eyes and my reading, it was great. Even on some of the exercises I didn’t like I still participated in. I really liked all the teachers Lori, Nikki, Kayla, Dr. Dudley, everyone.”

Parent of RW

My daughter had a hard time focusing at school and her grades were falling because of that. We brought her into Dr. Dudley and did some testing. She’s worked with Nikki for about 6 months. She started out not seeing anything in her right eye. She can now see out of both eyes. She is… Read More »


Going to vision therapy changed my life by improving my brain function and eye function. Vision therapy has made learning and seeing ten times easier for me. I am more confident in terms of seeing, learning, and dealing with everyday life. Since I started vision therapy I noticed I have passed academic tests better and… Read More »


N can read without skipping lines and words. She doesn’t need her glasses to read. This year was the first time she didn’t need to go to Assessment Day to measure her reading level or go to Spring Parent Teacher Conferences. She was always borderline in the past. She is considering taking piano lessons again.… Read More »


Every time I used to look somewhere it was double at first. Then my mom and dad took me to vision therapy. We took many vision lessons and some were really annoying and not fun, but after 20 sessions the lessons paid off. Now when I look at something, I don’t see double. I learned… Read More »


My eyes don’t hurt. I don’t have to shut one eye then the other.


When I first came to vision therapy I was seeing double and I had blurred vision. Now I can see single and my vision is not blurry anymore. Now in baseball I can see the ball so I can hit better. I can see the blackboard better and I can take notes.


I’ll Always remember WHOOOO improved my vision!


Thank you for helping me with my eyes! I really liked playing Blink!

Parent of SK

Vision therapy has proven to be a huge success for our daughter. Her English score went for a 77% up to a 95% in one trimester. Her Reading went from an 88% to a 99% and Math went from 80% to 90%. Not only did her scores improve numerically, but more importantly her confidence as… Read More »


Vision therapy has helped me with my reading a lot. My math scores went up, and it’s great not seeing double any more. After all the months of hard work it has really paid off. Thank you for helping my vision.

Parent of JH

He seems to be reading easier. No more squinting, fewer headaches. He always liked reading but seems to enjoy it even more.


I wasn’t getting headaches anymore when reading. It made reading easier


Vision therapy has helped me with my reading, math, and writing. I loved Dr. Dudley and Mrs. Patty because they made vision therapy so much fun.

Parent of MS

MS was behind in school and struggling with reading. Vision therapy has turned her from a girl who ran away from books into a reader! Thank you so much to the warm staff, especially Nikki, who rewarded her with her favorite snack.


I haven’t read a book in a year and during vision therapy I read two. I like reading more than I ever have before. I had tons of fun with Nikki and can see improvement.

Parent of AB

As a parent I wanted my daughter to learn how she could take control of how her eyes work, like a muscle. My daughter worked very hard with Nikki to learn eye strategies that will help her now and in the future. She made AMAZING progress because of the team work. THANK YOU!


Vision therapy has made it so much easier to get things clear when they are blurry and single when they are double. My reading has also improved. Vision therapy was a wonderful experience for me and I will never forget it!

Parent of SR

My daughter does not see double anymore (which I did not know that seeing double was her problem). I just knew that she would skip words and lines while she read out loud to me. She can read for longer periods of time and has more stamina now.


Vision therapy really helped me. I had double vision but now I don’t have double vision. Vision therapy will help me so much later in life.

Parent of TF

My daughter was struggling in school when she had a test to show that her eyes weren’t working correctly. Eye therapy has improved her math, reading, and spelling. She loves to read and even reads daily to the kindergarten class. I’m really thankful to Dr. Dudley and Nikki for all their help and encouragement they’ve… Read More »


My story is that I am getting better at school because vision therapy helps a child get better like me!!!!

Parent of GG

GG worked diligently during his home therapy exercises and with the help of (golden vision) we have seen improvements in his reading, not only in speed and fluency but he enjoys reading now. He has confidence in his reading and related school work. We believe he now has the tools to reach his potential.

Parent of SG

For several years I noticed inconsistencies in my daughter’s cognitive ability to do things vs. her ability to. She has always done well in school and she’s been identified as a gifted child. When I brought up my concerns to her teachers (letter and number reversals, spelling mistakes all the time, fluency issues, etc.) they… Read More »

Parent of CS

My son was in second grade when we started vision therapy; his teacher thought we should get his vision tested. Needless to say he hated reading at the beginning of therapy. After about 20 visits of vision therapy his love for reading kicked in since he could now see things properly. My son now reads… Read More »


I love to read!!!

Parents of LF

LF has come so far with her reading. In first grade her teacher noticed that she had reading problems and she wasn’t at grade level. We did everything to help her out. She did private tutoring, Kumon, extra help at home and started on an IEP at school. We did everything. Vision therapy was the… Read More »


My story is that it so I do not get blurry vision and things don’t become double. My reading is better and I don’t have to struggle with it.


At the beginning of vision therapy I saw double, blurry, and I had trouble reading. Now I have finished vision therapy and I have hardly any vision problems at all!


I wish I had known about vision therapy when I first started experiencing double vision. I have made great strides, but I think it would have been so much easier to make progress if I had not lived with it being compensated for by glasses for a few years. I am so glad to be… Read More »


Eye therapy helped me become more confident in my reading. Nikki was very fun and helpful. It was hard work but it was worth it!


Eye vision has changed my life. It has helped with reading and writing. I am now at 4th grade reading. Thank you for helping with my eye when I was in second grade. They said I was at grade level. Thank you so much.