Screen Time and Your Vision – Part 2

The AAP encourages parents to not allow any screen time for children under the age of 2 and then to create a “media diet” for kids ages 3-18. The recommended diet is to set a limit of “entertainment screen time” to 1 -2 hours each day and eliminate usage of devices during mealtimes and at bedtime. Setting realistic parameters to the time children spend on the monitor will promote healthy media consumption as well as encourage time for other activities that help children develop and grow.

Many studies have direct correlate obesity, sleep and eating disorders, and attention problems with excessive screen time (1). It is also estimated that 50-90% of adults who work on computers report symptoms of eye strain (4). This has led to an increase of doctors diagnosing Computer Vision Syndrome or some call it Digital Eye Strain. While there are not any set recommended “media diets” for adults, creating one may be very beneficial to preventing these health risks. Here are some steps we’ve come up with to get you started on creating your own “media diet”!

  1. ADMIT IT!!- You use your phone (TV, computer, etc.) too much! Getting on top of a media diet starts with you and only you-
  2. SLIM IT DOWN – evaluate when screen time is necessary and when it is excessive. Start putting a time limit on how much time you need for work and for entertainment.
  3. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITES – cutting loose from monitors will hopefully alleviate time to be spent on all of those other hobbies, teams, books, clubs you wanted to do. An active lifestyle is key to a long and healthy lifestyle.


– Written by Kayla Wigle