Remote VT Introduction Guide

Welcome to remote vision therapy! We look forward to working together on your vision therapy program. Please read the following information carefully, and let your vision therapist know if you have any questions.

Here are some key points to consider when starting your remote vision therapy program:

Getting Settled – It may take some time for patients to feel accustomed to talking to a vision therapist through a computer. With time, most patients are able to adapt, and respond well. Let us know what we can do to help!

Vision Therapy Activity Equipment – A start up packet will be included in your remote vision therapy program, and any additional materials will be loaned to you (the same way it always works). The main difference is that the equipment materials will have to be picked up at our office, using a drop box outside of our office door. Alternately, we may be able to mail some materials to you, however this may create a delay of up to a week. You are responsible for the cost of any equipment items that are not returned (see equipment sheet). We will change equipment as needed

Requirements to participate in remote VT:

Progress Exams – Please visit here for more information.

Communication is key! Let us know how things are working with the home activities

Remote VT Session Logistics

Remote Vision Therapy Platform:
Our office is capable of utilizing Google Meet and for remote vision therapy. Google Chrome and Firefox are required browsers to run the program. Be sure you have stable internet connection and a device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone) with a camera and microphone. Please test your camera and microphone before your first session to ensure a smooth appointment. Currently, HIPAA regulations have been relaxed to allow more people to access virtual healthcare. If you would like a HIPAA encrypted platform, please inform your therapist you will be using for your sessions. Otherwise, your sessions with be conducted through Google Meet.

Google Calendar Event
You will be sent an email with an invitation to your therapy appointment. Please be sure we have the most current email address. The link will include the day, time, and meeting information for your appointment with your therapist. This time has been reserved for you, as we do not double-book appointments. There is an option to add the meeting to your calendar as a reminder.
You will be sent a link to your therapy appointment through your google calendar invite. This time has been reserved for you, as we do not double-book appointments. When it is time for your appointment, click the link which will bring you to Type in your name to check in to your therapist’s virtual waiting room. When your therapist is ready, they will accept your call and you will be connected – be patient as this sometimes takes a minute to connect.


Preparing for your Remote Vision Therapy Session:

DO’s and DON’Ts with Remote VT

DO be ready to communicate about what you are experiencing. Be verbal about how the activity feels for you, what you notice, etc. To get the most out of remote therapy, your therapist will be guiding you through activities and will need to know how to modify if necessary.

DO find a quiet room with no distractions (no children playing, no TV on, etc).

DO be prepared with all the necessary materials before your sessions starts.

DO your home activities daily to build and reinforce your visual skills.

DON’T step away from your session for longer than a minute. This time is reserved for you, just like your in-office session.

DON’T get frustrated with working remotely. We can still have fun and help you progress with your visual skills! We will help you alleviate your visual symptoms and can accomplish a lot with remote vision therapy!