Remote VT Success!

The last month has been quite a wild ride. In March, things changed quickly from one week to the next. On March 20th we stopped seeing patients in the office. While this was the right move, it was heartbreaking when we thought of all of the patients who were working hard to make progress in their vision therapy programs that might be interrupted. And since necessity is the mother of invention, we decided to put all of our energy into making remote VT work for our patients.

Today starts the 4th week of remote VT, and what transformation! We have learned just how much you can do remotely, and it has really surprised and impressed everyone involved. The majority of vision therapy activities can translate to remote VT sessions, and we found a way to get equipment to all of our patients without charging additional fees. Patients are staying involved and engaged throughout the session (even the little ones) and we get a chance to see how they do their activities in their home space, and make modifications to their home therapy setup in real time. Many of our younger patients are more comfortable at home, and achieving more success than expected in some areas.

Will we continue to offer remote VT once the pandemic is over? Yes! It’s a great option for patients who have a long drive to our office, or who have other limitations that make weekly in-office visits difficult.

Are we looking forward to the day when we can see patients in the office again? Absolutely! Our staff is passionate about helping people because we LOVE people, and we can’t wait until it is safe to work directly with our patients again. Remote VT does not replace in-office VT completely, but it’s a darn good substitute. Our vision therapy team has put their heart and soul into our remote VT program, and our patients are reaping the rewards. Thank you to everyone for making this program a success!