Remote Progress Evaluations

What is involved in a Remote Progress Evaluation? Dr. Dudley will connect with you virtually for a 45 minute visit to discuss your symptoms, run through a series of tests, and review the results. For most cases, this will be an adequate measure of progress so that you can continue your vision therapy program. We want to minimize the interruption to your progress, in a time when there is so much that is interrupted.

During a progress evaluation, Dr. Dudley will conduct a series of tests that cover all visual efficiency skill areas, review progress notes from your vision therapist, and revise the treatment plan if necessary. See below for the different types of tests that we can do through Telehealth; most of them are exactly the same as the in-office version. There are some exceptions, and new refraction (check for glasses prescription) will require an in-office visit.

What is included in the Remote Progress Consultation exam (as applicable):


What will you need for your Remote Progress Consultation session:

Connecting to you with is Dr. Dudley’s preferred platform, since it does not require a login or an app to install, you only have to click a link to join the virutal waiting room. You can go there now to make sure you can connect, and that your mic or camera are active. Dr. Dudley will pull you in to the video conference at your scheduled appointment time.

Dr. Dudley’s Telehealth Waiting room:

You may still be able to submit this visit to your insurance for reimbursement. We will provide the codes with proper modifiers on your superbill. The cost of the Remote Progress Evaluation is $145, and due at the time of service (card will be run after the session is complete, and you will be contacted by Henry or Sara for that information).

If you have a progress evaluation that was missed due to the transition to Telehealth, or if you feel you are in need of a progress evaluation, please contact [email protected]


NOTE: please DO NOT go to the ER with vision or eye issues. It is best to seek the care of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. It is easier to do Telehealth visits with someone who you have established care with, and Dr. Dudley is well versed in all areas of ocular disease and can triage your case, referring to a specialist if necessary. If you have ANY of the following issues, please contact Dr. Dudley via email: [email protected]

Issues addressed in the office that would be considered an emergency:

Sudden loss of vision
Pain with eye movements

Double vision with sudden/recent onset
Balance issues with risk of falling
Double vision or other vision problems while driving (and no one else can drive you)

When it is safe to resume in-office patient care, we will go slowly at first with only a few patients each day, and we will keep our rigorous cleaning schedule and the screening questionnaire in place. Priority will be given to patients needing a new glasses prescription, new patients to the office, and patients who are graduating.

Thank you so much for your understanding during these difficult times! We will get through this together! Please stay healthy!
DVT Staff