Open Date: July 23rd

Great news! Construction is occurring ON TIME (Thanks to DC General Construction, they have been AMAZING!) and we will be all set to start seeing patients on July 23rd!!! We are very excited to start moving in and getting set up in July, which is already next week.  Here are some important dates so far:

When we can start scheduling patients for future appointments: NOW! Contact us via email and we can schedule you for a time on or after July 23rd.

When we will have a PHONE NUMBER: July 5th (we have to wait until the phone is officially installed to announce the number, JUST to make sure the phone number is correct).

When we will be seeing patients:  Dr. Dudley will see patients for evaluations on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (and the occasional Monday).  Our wonderful Vision Therapists will be seeing patients on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   Spots are already filling up, some patients are moving over from the Golden Vision Therapy office to take advantage of the new space (and the trampoline!).

July will be a busy and exciting month! We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Dr. Dudley