Exciting News! New visual field machine

Denver Vision Therapy has exciting news! We recently acquired a visual field machine for use in our office called the Goldmann Visual field machine. This allows us to test a patient’s visual field – the range of what their eyes can detect- through a process called perimetry. Perimetry is the act of testing how far into the periphery a patient can see. To do this, the patient looks into what looks like a giant bowl, keeping the eyes fixed on one point. Then, the patient responds when they see the light in their peripheral vision. This allows us to get a quantifiable result telling us where the patient’s limits of vision are, as well as the amount of light at which those boundaries take place. This is very important in evaluating brain injury and concussion. We can determine the exact visual field loss, which can happen after brain injuries such as stroke.

We are extremely excited to be able to share this with you. It is great addition to our office that allows us to continue bringing quality care and results to our patients.