August has been declared Vision and Learning Month by the Governor of Colorado!

What is Vision and Learning Month?

August was first declared Vision & Learning Month in 1995. The goal of this national observance is to help educate parents and teachers about the crucial link between vision and learning. Since then, cities and states have continued to generate awareness by making yearly proclamations.

Why Vision?

Did you know 80% of learning happens through vision, and that 50% of vision problems are not detectable by a typical vision screening at school? There are so many reasons for a comprehensive vision exam!

Vision by the numbers

70% of the brain is devoted to vision or vision processing
60% of children with reading problems also have a vision problem
40% of people with a Traumatic Brain Injury have vision issues that persist beyond 3 months after their injury
25% of school-age children have a vision problem that can be helped through vision therapy